Friday, February 17, 2006

Leaving home

So that was that. On Wednesday evening I left Sydney after one year and three days of living there. I think therefore it's understandable to call it 'leaving home' ;).

The last few days were a blur of good-byes, packing, selling stuff, buying stuff and incredibly little time to rest and realise that I wont be back for a long time. (I will be back though, mark my words). And after saying my final good byes from Sam, Ching, Babs and Jeff at the airport (thanks for being there, guys) I spent 15 hours on the plane to Dubai. Very nice flight, especcially the entertainment system with a selection of about 100 movies to choose from.

And now I'm sitting with my sister in an internet cafe in Sharjah (near Dubai). Very roomy town ;), you walk for miles to get anywhere...

Hope you're all well, more to come. B.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,
Glad to hear you're having fun.
Sorry I wasn't able to see you off at the airport. Keep in touch.


21/2/06 7:18 PM

Blogger Matthias Lange said...

Well, maybe it is time for another "Leaving home"-Post? How are you doing with your robots?

27/4/07 9:58 PM


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