Saturday, February 04, 2006

Very First Post

So here I am, finally creating a blog.
It was, admittledly, not 100% voluntary. Everywhere you go on the web you see people blogging and everytime I ask myself 'Why am I not doing this?' 'Oh, right, you hate spending time typing boring notes about your not so exciting life.' So far the argument was good enough.
But, after realizing that I will never keep up telling people what I'm up to these days by writing individual mails - and everybody hates mass mails! -, a blog seemed like not so bad an idea.

So here we are. First of all I would like to thank for coming up with this very creative blog title. Second, the most important site going hand in hand with this blog is my photo album at The title only makes sense for another two weeks but I'll try to keep it up anyhow.

And finally, to prevent boring you all with technical babble, everyone interested in my thoughts on the way of the world of artificial intelligence and software engineering can cross to my co-blog at

So far so good. More to come.


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